About Us

Long eons ago when I first started my avatar and was new to Second Life I would often find these sims that were so beautiful and magical I would spend hours just exploring them. Sometimes these fantastic places had a small market along side them to help support them. These were the places that inspired me and I met many wonderful people during my travels on them. I rented a tiny 10 prim cart on my favorite (The Elven Forest) and from there this is where Southpaw began. I owe so much of my success and encouragement as a creator to that tiny cart that grew into a successful shop that grew and expanded time and again over the years.

A few months ago after I long break from Second Life due to some massive life changing events in First Life; I returned and went looking for a satellite store to rent from on one of these sims because they brought me extra customers and more exposure to a larger player base and it was massively disappointing in what I found. Yes there are still "fantasy markets" out there but I couldn't find one that was special and magical. It's the beauty and attention to detail that makes you want to wander and explore the entire sim and what I found was just mall after mall.

Like many of your who have been around for a long time I watched my favorite sims close time and again. . and I mourn those special places. Isle of Myrth is my way of giving back to the community that gave me so much encouragement and launched my Second career as a content creator. While the resident Castle Merchants spots are designed to house and feature the premier fantasy creators of the grid there are places I have set aside for the new up-and-comers as well.

The rates for rentals on Myrth are at cost, I did not create this place to make a profit, and charge the bare minimum to support the tier and any profit I make comes from my own creations. Please join us in bringing back a bit of that old magic of Faerie back to the grid.