Event Schedule

Each month the Isle of Myrth will be hosting a fantasy themed event.  Vendor stalls are limited and expected to fill up, so if you are interested in participating, have a look at our event schedule and submit your application or contact us directly.  Events start on the third Monday of each month and run for 3 weeks.  To apply for our events, please visit here.


  • July - August

This is a month of setup and design. Feel free to explore the isle, accepting applications / reservations for long term rentals and bloggers.

  • August - September  

Mon, August 18, 12am – Wed, September 10, 3am

Welcome to Faerie! (Applications)

Our grand opening event!  We welcome and celebrate all Fae both light and dark.  Come and enjoy the scenic Isle of Myrth!  With it's verdant shores, this lovely landscape beckons all fae and fantasy lovers to come explore and discover its mysteries.

  • September - October

The Shining Ones (Elves)

The Shining Ones is a homage to all things elven and light sidhe.  The Shining Ones not only honors the more benevolent fae, those of the spring and summer courts, but also elves from every corner of the imagination.

  • October - November

The UnSeelie  (The Dark Races)

The ones who liege to the darkness, drow, ogres, slaugh and the creatures of nightmare.  This month we pay tribute to the things that go bump in the night.  Join us as we appease the dark court of autumn.


  • November - December

Winter is Coming

When the cold wind blows and the lakes begin to freeze, the winter court reigns supreme.  This event is a celebration of the winter months to come.  Come gather with us to celebrate the winter holidays and prepare for the long winter ahead, but be wary; the dark and baleful fae of the winter court roam the island at will.