Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Stroll Through Castle Myrth

Welcome travelers!  Welcome to Castle Myrth!  Please come inside and make yourself at home.  We have many fine wares and accommodations for the discerning shopper.  Whether you're looking to create your very own fairy tale or simply want a shiny new bauble to complete your outfit, Castle Myrth has it all.  In fact, a great deal of what you see on the Isle of Myrth can be purchased from our merchants.

One merchant whose wares can be seen around the island is The Looking Glass.  If you are not familiar with The Looking Glass, let us be the first to introduce you to their wondrous creations.  From fae fields to wizard towers, The Looking Glass provides everything you need to create your own land of fantasy and adventure.  Many of their products are featured on the island and their store can be found in the kitchen area of the castle.

Heading up the ramp to the upper castle, we find the Mirage Arabian Treasure Company, brought to you by none other than Spooky Mistwallow.  Here you will find everything a desert nomad might need to surround themselves with luxury.  There is enough silk, gold, and glamour here to earn the envy of even the most powerful sheik.

Maybe you're not looking to create your own fantasy realm.  If a new outfit or perhaps home furnishings are on your shopping list, then a stop at Senzafine is in order.  From modern to magical, Senzafine defines elegance.  Senzafine, can be found along the ramp on your way to the upper castle area.

That brings us to our next stop, Paper Moon, also located on the ramp leading to the upper castle area.  Here you will find the odd and eclectic works of Sohma Dix.  These include all manner of avatar accessories and clothing for both men and women.

Next on our journey through Castle Myrth, we come to Arcadia.  Lokii describes her works as fantasy and roleplay items with a darker twist, and that could not be more apt.  Whether you're looking for suitably mystical horns or an outfit to go big bad wolf hunting, Arcadia is definitely worth a look.

That, my friends, brings us to the end of the tour of Castle Myrth's merchants.  As you can see there are many exciting creators here, and we've only talked about what's inside the castle.  Take a stroll, peruse their goods, do some shopping, and just enjoy the atmosphere at Castle Myrth.  For those interested, shops are still available.  Please check the merchant pages for more info.

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